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About Us

With 15 years of continuous work experience in international trade provides unique logistics services to its clients.

The services are meant to facilitate all aspects of end-to-end logistics taken from transportation, warehouse management, and customs clearance.

We, could effectively manage the flow of your products from the point of the origin to the end-user foot door on the terms and conditions of the client.

Our logistics operation involves

  • The integration of information flow
  • Material handling
  • Production
  • Packaging
  • Inventory
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Security needed for safe delivery.

Our professional staff take pride in modeling, and analyzing the most complex logistics requirements before the actual implementation. The minimization of the use of resources is the main reason that we can offer our clients with efficient and affordable services.


We will meet the demand of the local markets in no time and handle all the relevant purchasing and logistics for provision of products in a tightly integrated supply chain operation.  For the local customers, the operation is from a point-to-point (Customer), as we responsible for the whole operation.

The complexity of logistics required by our clients is modeled, analyzed, visualized, and optimized by our team of logisticians ensuring minimum costs and risks involved at the shortest interval of time.

In brief, our services include:

  • Provision of Auto Spare Parts and Identifying the qualified foreign supplier(Sourcing)

  • Transportation management

    • Air Carriers
    • Ocean Carriers
    • Less than Container Load (LCL) & Full Container Load (FCL)
    • Third-party Logistics Providers (3PLs)
    • Freight Forwarders
  • Warehouse Management

  • Load Optimization by Calculating approximate cost of shipment and customs clearance as part of cost and estimation process to figure out the DDP price.

  • Customs & Regulatory compliance

  • Supply Chain Intelligence

  • Foreign trade consulting

    • Customs affairs
    • Goods clearance
  • Outgoing and incoming foreign currency remittance (High Transfer Speed – High Security – Unlimited Transaction)

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